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No Frills

No Frills is a Canadian grocery chain. The company offers innovative retailing concepts to Canadian consumers. No product advertising, no store displays, no meat counter, no clerks to bag your groceries, and you had to bring your own bags. The company slogan is „lower food prices“. For more information visit the official website

Find below the list of No Frills stores in Canada.

No Frills locations

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Name City Phone number
No Frills North Battleford
11430 Railway Ave. East

North Battleford

(306) 445-3375
No Frills Estevan
137 King Street


(306) 636-1608
No Frills Stratford PEI
25 Hopeton Road

Stratford PEI

(902) 569-0160
Vis No Frills
1435 King Street West


(888) 495-5111
No Frills Pacific
372 Pacific Avenue


Ross No Frills
25 Photography Drive


No Frills Coxwell
269 Coxwell Avenue


(866) 987-6453
No Frills Sherbourne
555 Sherbourne Street


(866) 987-6453
No Frills Dundas and Lansdowne
222 Lansdowne Avenue


(416) 588-7744
Pancha s No Frills
1951 Eglington Ave West


(866) 987-6453